Each and every galley provides its own specific challenges. Whether you are refitting or designing a new galley, Galleytek has 20 years experience and innumerable possibilities and design ideas  to help you get the perfect balance. Safety, reliability, flow and ergonomics are keywords we use to describe how we approach the design. Every aspect of the yachts requirements is taken into consideration including power consumption and efficient extraction equipment. There is every reason why a galley should be professionally finished and have a designer edge which matches the rest of the vessel and our experts are on call to help you make this a reality. We work closely with the engineers aboard, chef’s and crew and organise flying visits to the factories to inspect the products and discuss the equipment. We provide plans , elevation drawings, schematics and training on all the equipment.  The Galleytek mission is to change the way galley’s are perceived in the industry, we are pioneers in the field of yacht galley design. Let us show you what can be done when only the best will do!

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